Beetroot Latte with Ginger, Ashwagandha & Cacao


I always start my mornings with a warm drink. Usually apple cider vinegar with warm water and sometimes herbal teas—rooibos, hibiscus and chrysanthemum are my favourites . But on days I have a bit more time (or when I’ve got some fresh almond milk in the fridge), lattes with my favourite powders are my go-to—I call them my little mugs of love. Matcha, turmeric, cacao—I love them all, but these days I’ve been craving beetroot lattes for a warm, nourishing boost.

While I’m not the biggest fan of beetroot (although I don’t mind it juiced), beetroot lattes are surprisingly my thing! Besides its dreamy pink hue, there’s something that feels so comforting about it, especially with it’s deep, earthy flavour. Perhaps it’s because it’s so great for strengthening heart health and improving oxygen supply in the body, but drinking beetroot lattes always leave me feeling that little bit more energised and ready for the day. Spiked with ginger, ashwagandha and cacao, this latte is supercharged. I’m also okay with it not having any sweetener, but if you feel like you need some feel free to add a teaspoon of coconut sugar.

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Beetroot Latte with Ginger, Ashwagandha & Cacao

Serves 1



• ½ cup hot water

• ½ cup almond milk, slightly warm (or 1 cup of almond milk if you don’t want to use water)

• 2 tsp REA Superfoods Beetroot powder

• ½ tbsp coconut butter

• ½ tsp ground ginger

• ½ tsp ashwagandha

• ¼ tsp cacao powder

• Pinch of salt



1. Warm almond milk. In a small saucepan, gently warm the almond milk being careful not to let the milk boil. Once you see the steam rising from the saucepan, turn the heat off.

2. Blend ingredients. Add the warmed milk and the remaining ingredients to a blender (I use a hand blender for convenience), and blend until smooth. Serve and enjoy immediately.