Probiotic Packed Cooler with Fermented Grape Skin, Passion Fruit & Basil


We’ve all heard of the amazing health benefits of red wine, which it mostly owes to the high levels of resveratrol present in the skin of red grapes. Made with kombucha and fermented grape skin powder, this refreshing cooler is a probiotic and antioxidant powerhouse. You know what they say—80% of the immune system lives in and is therefore dependent on the health of our gut, so get sipping for a happy gut!

The 100% pure, organic fermented grape skin powder I used in this recipe is from REA Superfoods. And because I know a lot of you are curious to try out their products as well, you can use my promo code SSAYANG10 at the checkout for a cheeky 10% off!


Naturally high in polyphenols (resveratrol in particular) red grape skin has been found to be a powerful protector against heart diseases. On top of supporting heart health, the powder is also rich in anthocyanin, making it highly antioxidising. With its tangy grape flavour, you can think of fermented grape skin powder as tasting and having similar benefits to red wine, minus the alcohol. Being fermented as well means bonus points for promoting healthy gut bacteria, especially when combined with the kombucha.


I’ve always loved the combination of fresh herbs and fruit in a cool drink, and being filled with goodness, this fermented grape skin cooler takes it to the next level. This drink takes no time at all to whip up so make sure you give it a go, and tag me in your creations on Instagram!



Probiotic Packed Cooler With Fermented Grape Skin, Passionfruit & Basil

Serves 1



• 1 passionfruit

• 1 tsp REA Superfoods Fermented Grape Skin powder

• ½ tbsp gula melaka syrup

• 1 bunch sweet basil leaves

• 250ml kombucha

• 3 strawberries, sliced

• Ice cubes

probiotic fermented grape skin kombucha


1. Mix in the fermented grape skin powder. In a tall glass, add the passionfruit seeds, fermented grape skin powder and gula melaka syrup and stir until combined. Add a splash of kombucha and stir to mix again.

2. Add remaining ingredients. Add the basil leaves and crush lightly to release the flavours, before adding the strawberries, ice cubes and remaining kombucha. Mix well and serve immediately. Best sipped on with a reusable straw of course!


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