Onde-Onde Ice Cream Kefir Float


Pandan is a flavour I've loved since moving to Asia. The love affair may have started with kuihs filled with sugar (and most definitely colouring), but the unique fragrance of the local flavour made it a favourite. This Onde-Onde Ice Cream Kefir Float brings back all those memories, minus the unnatural ingredients — with a little extra gut loving from the kefir!

By husband and wife duo, Azlan and Aina, Kelava sells homemade vegan ice cream in the Klang Valley, delivered right to your doorstep. One thing that differentiates their ice cream from other vegan ice creams, is how smooth and velvety their base is.


Their Onde-Onde flavour is an ode to the traditional Malaysian kuih. Coconut based, its floral aroma and vibrant hue is created with nothing but fresh pandan leaves and the ice cream is studded with gems of Gula Melaka chunks.

There's something about the creamy + fizzy combo of an ice cream float. But the idea of having a coke or Sprite these days couldn't be more off-putting. So to get that fizz naturally I've opted for a kefir. A kefir or kombucha would both work for this recipe because of its natural fizz so play around with different combos and flavours. To complement the Onde-Onde flavour I went with a coconut kefir which I brought  from a local brand, but if you've got homemade batches, even better!



Recipe: Onde-Onde Ice Cream Kefir Float

Makes 1 glass



• 2 scoops of Kelava Onde-Onde ice cream

• Coconut kefir

• Goji berries

• Toasted coconut flakes



1. Ice cream. Add 2 scoops of Kelava Onde-Onde ice cream to a tall glass.

2. Kefir. Fill the glass up with coconut kefir.

3. Garnish. Top your float off with a sprinkling of goji berries and toasted coconut flakes.

4. Serve. Drink immediately (with a metal straw!)

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Best sipped with a metal straw!

You can get your reusable straws from The Hive Bulk-Food Store.


Find out more about Kelava below:

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