Black Rice Porridge with Cardamom Chia-Pudding & Ginger Toasted Sesame Seeds (GF, NF)


Long time no recipe! And how ironic is it for my favourite meal to be breakfast, yet that to be the category with the least recipes on my blog? Anyway, lets change that. Dark, seductive, and fragrant, there’s something about black rice that lives up to it’s nickname ‘forbidden rice’. Packed with nutrients it is the darkest and therefore richest in the variety of rices in antioxidants, protein, and fibre, with an antioxidant content 6x higher than brown rice!


Like blueberries, black rice gets its deep purple hue from being rich in anthocyanins, a natural antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-carcigonic effects. Along with being beneficial to the health of your heart and liver, it’s high fibre content also means it keeps you feeling full for longer, so a bowl of this is a great way to start a big day!


Extensive nutritional value aside, it’s the flavours of this dish that really make it a winner. Black rice itself has an aromatic and nutty taste which pairs so well with the creaminess of coconut milk and other spices. I’m lucky to live in a country where fresh coconut milk is always available. I get mine from a small husband and wife run stall in TTDI market where they sells 1L bags of freshly squeezed coconut milk for just RM8! If you can get your hands on fresh coconut milk rather than the canned ones I highly recommend it because it makes all the difference.


Although it takes a fair bit of time to prepare, it’s totally worth it if you’ve got a morning to spare and it’s also great for sharing. I made this porridge for my mom and it got more than her stamp of approval, which is always a good sign. She was after all, the one that introduced me to pulut hitam, ordering it at a nyonya cafe for us to share (although a version too sweet for my liking). My mom says she likes everything I make, but it’s the tone of her voice that tips you off as to whether she says ‘likes’ it (but doesn’t and is too nice to say so) or she actually really ‘likes’ it…


Well lets just say, every time I say I’m making black rice porridge, her face lights up, the tone of her voice changes and she says she really ‘likes’ it – so I hope you do too! xxx