Mango Salsa, Spicy Tempeh, Quinoa & Millet Salad Bowl (GF)


One of my favourite ways to use mango (if I haven’t already sucked all the flesh off the pit…) is in a salsa, or pico de gallo as they’re more specifically called. It’s so simple but the flavours are immense and it kicks a ton of flavour or colour into any dish. In this recipe I’ll be making a salad bowl with this simple salsa and a few of my other favourite ingredients.

The mango salsa is sweet, juicy, tangy, sour and salty all in one bite and the onions give it that slight crunch. Paired with leafy greens, tempeh and a blend of quinoa and millet, this salad bowl is super light and fresh but won’t leave you feeling hungry – perfect for those warmer days.


I’m using a mix of millet and quinoa as they cook similarly, but mostly because I like to balance out the imported ingredients I use with some local ones. Because quinoa is imported, I know a lot of people find it quite expensive in Malaysia so combining it with a seed that is more native to Southeast Asia helps cut that cost. On top of getting a wider variety of nutrients you’re also supporting smaller farmers than big international companies. Buying locally is so underrated (I’ll probably do a post about it on it’s own) so don’t be afraid to source out alternatives to imported ingredients you see in recipes.

Tempeh is a shining example of inexpensive local ingredients that are sought after all over the world for it’s health benefits. Take advantage of the mere RM1.50 you’d have to pay for a fresh block vs RM15 (£3) people are paying abroad for the lesser fresh version! It’s the best when bought fresh from the market but you can find them at most supermarkets too.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, tempeh is a block of fermented soybeans originating from Indonesia. Don’t worry, it tastes a lot better than it sounds – it has a unique nutty flavour and a firm yet surprisingly creamy texture. As with other fermented foods it’s packed with probiotic nutrients and is high in manganese, calcium and certain vitamin Bs. Because it has it’s own strong flavour I usually like to keep it simple, so for this salad bowl I’m just spicing it up without masking its original nuttiness.


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your regular salad bowl, give this a go. I always find myself making this for the family when I can get a hold of mangoes and it’s a favourite xxx