South Africa Series: Litchi, Rooibos, Peach & Mint Ice Lollies


Sawubona from South Africa! I’m currently on the sunny east coast in Durban where I’ve been since the start of the year – hence the lack of posts. You may or may not know that South Africa is one of the places I consider home as I was born in Johannesburg, and lived in Durban for the first 9 years of my life. It’s been almost 12 years since I’ve been back so returning has been such a surreal and nostalgic experience.


Over the course this blog, I’ve realised creating recipes that celebrate local ingredients is something I want to channel, hence why most of my recipes feature Malaysian and Southeast Asian produce. Initially, I was unsure of how I would post recipes being away so I planned on taking a break until I returned home, however I’ve been so blown away by how incredibly fresh the local produce is, I couldn’t resist. 

I’ll be posting recipes heroing the amazing summer produce here in a ‘South Africa Series’, so if you’re local say hello and give them a go! I also don’t have a lot of fancy equipment and ingredients with me, just the bare minimal so these will be quick and easy to follow!


I’ve been so lucky with timing as all my favourite fruits are in season now and in abundance. Last weekend I made my way up to the beautiful Litchi Orchid near Ballito for their farmer’s market , on every second Saturday of the month (thanks for the recommendation Ash!) At the moment litchi season is coming to an end, so on top of a fun morning out I also came home with 2kg of fresh litchi!! We used to get litchi from the roadside trucks as kids but since leaving we haven’t had any, so I guess the 2kg is to compensate for its 12 year absence from my life and until next year…


Summer has also brought in the best peaches and what could be more South African than to compliment all my fruity flavours with the country’s favourite Rooibos tea. I’ve made a recipe for these summer lollies that will keep you cool when the weather is scorching and you need a icy refresher. It’s also a good way to preserve your fruits when you can’t eat them all so give these a go before summer ends! xxx