Matcha Almond Latte


I love the taste and smell of coffee, but I hate how it makes me feel — ironically, coffee leaves me feeling groggy and lethargic. While I may have coffee from time to time in a dessert or smoothie, for the most part I’m not a coffee drinker. For me, a creamy, frothy matcha latte is the perfect fix!


An antioxidant powerhouse, matcha is a finely ground green tea powder with a ton of benefits. Vibrant green, it owes its emerald shade to the unique way it is grown — the leaves being shaded from the sun at certain points stimulating its production of chlorophyll and amino acids. Unlike other teas where the leaves are drained, with matcha the whole leaf is consumed making it a more potent variety.

Being shade-grown increases the leaves’ content of L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps balance the natural occurring caffeine and also stimulates the brain, increasing focus and concentration. With over 20 times more antioxidants than pomegranates, blueberries and acai, matcha protects the body from diseases and prevents the effects ageing and chronic diseases.


In my bid to post more of what I regularly eat (and drink), this recipe comes from my attempt to brighten up one of the dreary mornings we’ve been having too often lately in KL. While I had initially added raw maca powder to my latte (hence why it is present in the photos), I have since taken it out of the recipe for reasons I will explain in my next post on why I don’t take maca raw.


Start your day with this matcha latte to help detoxify and support your body. With properties that help stimulate mental clarity, provide a sustained boost of energy and improve heart health, a mug of this will keep you feeling good from the inside out, especially on those cold, rainy mornings.

The recipe below is for one, so double up if you’re making more xxx