Sweet & Savoury Almond Pulp Spread: How To Use The Leftover Pulp From Nut Milk


If you make your own plant-based milks at home, you’ll understand the struggle of not knowing what to do with that leftover pulp. Instead of throwing it away, here’s a recipe for you! This Sweet & Savoury Almond Pulp Spread is an easy way to use up that leftover pulp and goes great with bread, salad bowls or even as a dip for vegetables and crackers.

This spread is a little different from your usual savoury spread as it’s also sweet! It might sound a little strange but trust me when I say you’ve got to give it a shot. My mum was actually the first one who tried making this spread. The recipe she was following had sun-dried tomatoes in it, but she didn’t have any so decided to use dates instead. It gave the spread a sweetness that went so well with the tanginess from the mustard and other creamy, salty flavours. We eventually did try the spread with sun-dried tomatoes but decided we liked this version better, so it stuck!


Instead of throwing away that pulp next time, save it for this spread. I store mine in a tupperware in the freezer and defrost it before I want to use it. Nuts aren’t exactly cheap, so this is a great way to be resourceful and use up every last scratch when you’re making your own milks at home.



Sweet & Savoury Almond Pulp Spread

Vegan, Gluten-free, Refined-Sugar Free



•1 cup almond pulp, fresh or defrosted

•2 cloves garlic, roughly chopped

•2 dates

•1 tbsp dijon mustard

•½ tbsp capers

•½ tbsp nutritional yeast

•½ cup extra virgin olive oil

•Juice of ½ a lemon

•½ tsp dried oregano

•½ tsp dried basil

•Salt & pepper to taste



1) Remove the seeds from the dates and discard. Roughly chop the deseeded dates into smaller pieces.

2) Add the chop dates and the rest of the ingredients to a food processor and blend until well combined. Add more olive oil if the mixture is too thick. Serve or store in a clean jar in the fridge.

What are some of your favourite ways to use the pulp leftover from making nut milk? Let me know in the comments below!