5 Vegan-Friendly Places for a Healthy Lunch Around Mont Kiara, KL


I’ve lived in Mont Kiara since I moved to KL in 2007, 12 years ago—so it’s safe to say I know the ins and outs of this rapidly growing neighbourhood. Over the past year, I’ve also worked in the area, and while as many of you may know I’m a fan of packed lunches, I’ve also eaten out at a fair few spots. Whether it’s something I can grab quickly while I’m on the go, or choosing a place for a lunch meeting, I like to try keep it healthy.

Here are 5 vegan-friendly places that do some of my favourite healthy lunches in and around Mont Kiara (none of them are fully vegan restaurants by the way, so you can go with your non-vegan friends with no complaints!)




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I first came across Fin when it was still a part of one of the shops on the Art Row in Publika. I went with a couple of work friends and had packed my own lunch that day, but seeing everyone else’s poke bowls gave me major fomo. Since then, they’ve expanded and moved into their own space a few shops down.

I love the choice of toppings and how simple and fresh all the ingredients are. Not only is there tofu, for a vegetarian protein option (discounted mind you!), there are also lots of other nutrient dense toppings you usually won’t find at other salad bars/poke bowl spots in KL, like edamame, wakame and dried seaweed . Service is also really great in the sense that servers are well informed and are able to tell you what sauces and toppings are vegan-friendly. I almost always go for the same thing, topped off with their basil oil dressing—it’s to die for and really ties everything together—cannot recommend enough!

Great for: Quick lunch, take away, build your own bowl

08-A3-G2 Block A3, Level G2, Publika Shopping Gallery



Real Food

1 Mont Kiara


Located on the ground floor of 1MK, Real Food was one of the first healthy cafes available in Mont Kiara. I’ve been to Real Food for so many different occasions—lunch with my mum, office celebration meals, lunch meetings and even just as a cafe to work from.

Real Food’s menu is entirely vegetarian, with lots of vegan (or veganisable) options, which are all clearly marked. I get their home-made dumplings every time—the soft skin and the flavours and textures of the filling are everything you’d want from a dumpling. Paired with their homemade sambal, it’s perfection! You can also get it in a soup which is super nourishing and full of natural flavour. Where their cafe falls short is probably the lack of plant-based proteins in their dishes, but what’s on offer is unique and definitely not what you’d usually get eating out as a vegan in KL. PS. I also heard they will be introducing new lunch set options next week!

Recommend: Dumpling Soup, Okara Aware, (if you’re feeling a little more indulgent, their Signature Lentil Quinoa Croquette Burger (made vegan) or Spaghetti Au Truffle)

Great for: Celebratory lunch, lunch meeting, a cafe to work from

G-11, 1 Mont Kiara, No.1, Jalan Kiara, Mont kiara



Rocket Kitchen

163 Retail Park

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If you live in Mont Kiara, you would’ve definitely noticed Arcoris and 163 Retail Park, the new developments that have sprung up beside Plaza Mont Kiara. 163 is buzzing with a variety of new restaurants, gyms and probably the most well stocked Jaya Grocer’s I’ve ever been to. Located right beside Jaya Grocer’s on the ground floor is Rocket Kitchen, an open and welcoming salad bar that’s hard to miss.

Rocket Kitchen has been my go-to salad bar recently. I was won over by the fact that they have tempeh, but there are also so many other great vegan options to choose from. It’s really simple, but the food is fresh and packed with flavour. It makes a satisfying and nourishing lunch, which is perfect for days you’re in a hurry. On their menu you’ll find a ready-made vegan option, the Rainbow Vegan, or you can customise your own bowl. And if you like to spice things up, try their homemade chilli oil—it’s super fragrant and really turns the heat up.

Great for: Quick lunch, take away, build your own bowl

LG1-07a, 163 Retail Park, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara




Plaza Damas

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One of the first cafes to start serving smoothie bowls in KL, Rubberduck is like a hidden slice of Bali tucked into the cosy pedestrian streets of Plaza Damas. The cafe feels spacious with its bright, open layout, nicely shielded from the outside world by lush green palm leaves. It’s a favourite for families, your usual cafe laptop crowd and those grabbing a quick bite post-spin at Aloha Cycle Club, located right next door.

With brunch and lunch items on their menu, there’s plenty to choose from whether you’re vegan or not. Recently added to their menu is a brand new Vegan Tempeh Bowl that comes with marinated tempeh, pearl rice and a fresh mango salad. It’s everything you could ask for and more. It’s flavoursome yet still fresh with lots of interesting textures, I’m pretty sure I could have it everyday! Now let’s talk drinks—there is a wide selection of non-dairy milks to choose from, so you can enjoy your coffees and alternative lattes like everyone else. On a hot day, sitting outside with an iced matcha latte or kombucha is 10/10!

Recommend: Vegan Tempeh Bowl, Iced Alternative Lattes with Non-Dairy Milk

Great for: Weekend brunch with family & friends, a cafe to work from

60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Plaza Damas, Lot K-0-8B (Ground Floor), Dorchester Service Apartment



Kettle Bell

Plaza Mont Kiara

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Like Rubberduck, you’ll also find Kettlebell side by side with a boutique gym, Fire Station 2 in Plaza Mont Kiara. From its pretty pink decor to the presentation of the food itself, Kettlebell is probably one of the most Instgrammable brunch spots in KL. But don’t be fooled into thinking its pleasing aesthetics are all it has to offer. Kettlebell serves up a well thought out and nourishing array of dishes, vegan and non-vegan.

There are a few vegetarian options on their menu like the Protein Fuel Rice Bowl and the Quinoa Heaven that can be done vegan. The servers aware of different dietary needs and are usually more than happy swap out eggs for extra tempeh and tofu. They also do one of the best beetroot lattes in KL—creamy (not watery) and rich with a deep beetroot flavour—like it should be! The perfect spot for weekend brunch or a post-Fire Station workout refuel.

Recommend: Protein Fuel Rice Bowl (eggs swapped out for tempeh and tofu), Pink Latte with Almond Milk

Great for: Brunch with friends, lunch meetings

C-G-1 Plaza Mont Kiara, Ground Floor, 2 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara



While there are so many great vegan-friendly places for lunch around Mont Kiara, these are 5 of my favourites where you can get a nourishing and healthy yet delicious meal. A few others places in the area you can also check out are:

  • Sala

  • Kopenhagen Coffee

  • LN Fortunate Coffee

  • La Juiceria

  • Lushbowl

Let me know if you check out any of these places and what you think in the comments below!