So after months of endless procrastination and excuses, here we go.

Welcome to my blog, where as my About page pretty much summarises, I will be posting about food – what I eat, how I made it, where I ate it and all the bits and pieces along the way – AND everything will be vegan (bonus!!)

Since starting my food tumblr, veghappy, I’ve had requests for recipes and more information so a place where I could share more in writing always seemed like the next natural step to take. I could never settle on small things like what content to focus on, whether I should also share my personal interests alongside food or to just stick with one. As usual, my inability to make simple decisions has been the main reason for my delay in making this blog.

I’m starting it anyway because as perfect as I want it to be for people to read and see, I also think having a platform where I can put my ideas in writing as I learn and grow with it will encourage me to be more creative with food and life, and to not overthink the small things (and hopefully to be more concise looking at the length of this sentence alone). At the moment there’s very much a gap between what I create and what I appreciate so by learning through this blog I also hope I can close that gap, and one day look at what I create with the same amount of admiration as I do towards the work of others.

So to build on my earlier introduction – welcome to my work-in-progress blog about vegan food, which I can probably guarantee will morph and shape shift with me as I shimmy with self discovery. For now I will be posting recipes, general information in response to FAQs I’ve received, and thoughts about cafes I’ve explored. Before I begin, because I find discussing veganism isn’t always easy due to conflicting views, I also want to clarify that I’m not trying to ‘educate’ or ‘force my ideas’ on anyone but to share ideas with like-minded people and those who are interested. I’m always learning so productive feedback is welcome and appreciated as long as it doesn’t involve killing animals (simple rule tq). Everything I post will be based on personal experiences and research based on facts, so I hope this blog can be a positive space.

Long introduction and disclaimers aside, I hope you enjoy! xxx

ThoughtsJoyce Shih